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Final Call for Papers by 15th April

UXCF2011: Common Curriculum for UX

2nd International Workshop on User Experience Competency Frameworks

HCI 2011, University of Northumbria, 4th July 2011

delegates at UXCF2010Delegates at UXCF2010Delegates at UXCF2011


This workshop builds on UXCF2010, which kick-started definition of UX competency, and aims to define UX model curricula for short courses, modules and degrees

You are invited to submit 2-page position papers, using the BCS template, on subjects related to “a common curriculum for university modules and qualifications in the field of User Experience”.

Materials from UXCF2010 will be made available on www.uxcf.org by Monday 14th March for your consideration

Position papers will be peer reviewed by members of the workshop programme committee and other international experts in HCI, and made publicly available on the open access BCS Electronic Workshops in Computing (EWIC).

BCS Publications routinely license republication of BCS Interaction SG event papers in the ACM Digital Library, subject to formal agreement after the event with ACM)

Important Dates

Deadline for submission: Friday 15th April 5pm by email to t.mcewan@napier.ac.uk
(Submissions must include UXCF in the message title and comprise

  1. your paper, based on the BCS template,

  2. and your completed copy of the BCS license to publish, available on the same BCS webpage.

Notification of acceptance: Friday 8th April 6pm, subject to registration for the workshop by the deadline
Deadline for submission of camera ready copy and registration for the workshop Friday 6th May 5pm.
Non-presenting delegates may register after 6th May until the workshop is full.

Aims of Workshop

UXCF2011 aims to build on UXCF2010, which attracted around 40 participants equally divided between industry and academia, who sought to agree common definitions of User Experience (UX) job roles and competencies.
A scope of work was agreed which included follow-up workshops. UXCF2011 aims, to identify and structure common undergraduate and MSc curricula for UX professionals, building on the current disciplines that are recruited into the industry (predominantly graduates in HCI and related courses).

Workshop Structure

The planned structure for the workshop is four 90-minute sessions, with the morning sessions defining the curricular scope that this workshop can cover and the afternoon achieving results and agreeing next steps.

Opening session:

Second morning session:

Discussion of topics and concepts that are similar but have varying terminology and/or approaches

First afternoon session:

Closing session - panel discussion to agree:

Outputs from the workshop

The main outputs will be the model curricula and the timelines described above and this work will feed into further UXCF workshops.
At the workshop, attendees will discuss other suitable outputs such as a special edition of a journal.


Chandra Harrison is Principal Consultant at System Concepts Ltd and is currently President of the UK Usability Professionals Association. She has held research, testing and human centred design roles in New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and across Europe She was one of the organisers of UXCF2010, along with Tom and John.
John Knight is User Experience Architect at Head London and Communications Chair of BCS Interaction SG, with responsibility for usabilitynews.com and Interfaces magazines. He has extensive experience in all aspects of interaction design and user research. His portfolio includes over 100 projects, 8 UI patents and over 100 publications focusing on engagement and HCI.
Tom McEwan is currently chair of BCS Interaction SG, chaired UXCF2010 and other BCS Interaction SG events. His current teaching includes undergraduate HCI and postgraduate usability methods. He is Director of Quality for his School of Computing and serves on the body advising on the new Scottish School Qualifications.

Intended Audience

The intended audience for this event is two-fold – lecturers and trainers who teach UX and related areas, and those responsible for planning and maintaining skill-sets of UX teams in industry and the public sector. The expected number of participants is ten from each group plus the organisers, plus a small number of observers.

Main Contact

School of Computing
Edinburgh Napier University
Merchiston Campus
Edinburgh EH10 5DT
T 0131 455 2793
E t.mcewan@napier.ac.uk